Report released – Palin abused her power as governor

October 10, 2008

The McCain campaign failed to delay the release of findings into Palin’s abuse of power case.  The report was released this evening, and you can read the NY Times article about it herePalin was found to have violated the “Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act” by advocating that her sister’s former husband, a state trooper, be fired.  Palin’s husband, Todd Palin, was found to be intergrally involved in this unethical behavior.

The Alaska legislative council – comprised of ten republicans and 4 democrats– voted unanimously to release the findings of the report.  Alaskans don’t like being told what to do from outsiders, and it prevented McCain from hijacking the truth about Sarah Palin – that she abused her power for personal, vindictive reasons.

Time magazine has written a very good article titled “What the Troopergate report really says”.  Their conclusion – that the Palin administration is “shockingly amateurish”


Grab the popcorn, the VP debate is here!

October 2, 2008

It has been interesting, as an Alaskan resident, to see the pre-debate commentary floating around.  I find the headlines warning of Palin’s debate talents laughable, and I just want to assure everyone – DON’T WORRY.  Palin really doesn’t know anything.  She really is an empty vessel.  She isn’t fumbling because McCain has been keeping her from being herself.  She isn’t incoherent because she has been trying too hard to use sound bites.  She is fumbling and incoherent because she really knows nothing.  As my husband says, there’s only so much information you can cram into a completely empty head. 

Yes, Palin is choking on her force fed sound bites like Mary-Kate Olsen in anorexia rehab.  But even if in desperation the McCain camp lets her “be herself” this will be even worse than her befuddled mumblings.  Because Sarah Palin is a hick!  She’s as cogent as a hooker at a truck stop.  Palin speaking as Palin would involve 101 recipes for freshly clubbed seal oil, tips on how to properly store automatic weapons in a root cellar, or how to tell the difference between the severed leg of a Siberian husky and a wolf.  Trust me, the best thing that could happen to the Obama campaign would be to set Palin loose as the real Palin.  Yeah, Mathew McConaughy’s brother Rooster (who legally named his son “Miller-Lite”) and the Left Behind book club will love her, but that’s about it.  Trust me.  So pop the popcorn, grab the twizzlers and look forward to the debate.

Palin’s Alaskan approval rating drops

October 1, 2008

McCain needs to change his references to Palin’s popularity, a new Alaskan poll states her approval rating has dropped from 80% to 68%.

Read the Anchorage Daily news article by clicking here.

Alaskan hunters oppose Palin’s hunting policies

October 1, 2008

So if you’ve read my blog you’ve noticed I write a lot about hunting as a part of Alaskan culture.  You might even wonder if I’m unduly obsessed with hunting, a wacked out “liberal tree hugger” as some of my hate mail proclaims.  But I want to press upon you the fact that hunting is EVERYWHERE in Alaskan culture, it is so in your face at every corner it is impossible to ignore.  I’m not exaggerating or looking for something that really isn’t there.  Trust me, if I could I would prefer not see the ubiquity of killing animals for pleasure in my daily life.

A few recent examples – I pulled up to a drive through espresso stand and they had tacked up a sign reading “hunter’s special: skin’ em pilgram toffee latte!”.  On a hiking trail a few days ago I passed a family with three young kids and a puppy.  Petting their puppy and chatting I realized that the father and son were not carrying fishing poles, but rather a hunting bow and a backpack full of arrows.  Just a few paces down the trail we encountered a shocking no hunting sign, of course riddled with bullet holes.  Walking in the Homer foothills to see the fall colors this week we stumbled upon a pickup truck that had run off the road, surrounded by hundreds of shot gun shells.  The truck was littered with bullet holes, and a fire pit filled with liquor bottles and trash sat nearby.  Nothing like gettin’ drunk and shooting up a truck to pass a friday night.  I could go on and on…

Which brings me to another hunting topic – the fact that hunters in Alaska do not support Palin’s hunting policies!  In yet another installment of Sarah Palin’s nonsensical interview with Couric, she mentions growin’ up huntin’ and fishin’ with the boys and fillin’ her freezer with good Alaskan game meat.  And it ircked me that people would see Palin as someone who is just your average Alaskan who hunts for food.  Because the truth is Palin is not your average subsistence hunter.  Her policies towards hunting are ultra conservative even for sport hunters, and hunters have opossed several of her public hunting policies.

Alaskan sport hunters oppose aerial hunting of bears and wolves, something Palin vehemently supports.  The last ballot measure to limit aerial hunting was actually brought forth by a group of hunters!  Sport hunters also oppose the shooting of bears habituated to human bear viewers, something Palin also supports.  I hope people can realize that Palin is not your average Alaskan hunter feeding her family with game meat.  She has a pathological vendetta against wildlife that is opposed by most Alaskans and most Alaskan hunters. 

Her extreme hunting views are not surprising given her parent’s house looks decorated by Norman Bates.  Did you happen to see the interview at her parents’ house recently?  Her father points to a photograph hanging on his wall to show that he has been to Russia.  And the photograph is of bloody, clubbed seals smeared into the snow!  Palin’s father clubs baby seals for fun which explains a lot about Palin’s hatred for animals.

Killing animals criteria for serial killers

September 29, 2008

Convicted Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen has been in the local news recently.  The photo caption in the Anchorage Daily News reads, “Convicted serial killer Robert Hansen with the horns from a record-class Dall sheep he killed”. The FBI has recognized the connection between animal cruelty and serial killers since the l970s, when analysis of the life histories of imprisoned serial killers suggested that most, as children, had killed or tortured animals.  Other research shows consistent patterns of animal cruelty among perpetrators of more common forms of violence, including child abuse, spouse abuse, and elder abuse. 

Despite overwhelming evidence to suggest that killing animals for pleasure leads to violence towards humans, sport hunting is still a way of life in Alaska.  The photo of this serial killer sure reminds me of a photo of Governor Palin – she was so proud of this behavior that this photo was on her homepage on the state’s government website!

I see a resemblance…

September 28, 2008


I think Palin and Manson might be kin, what do you think?

Another 1,000+ Anti-Palin Rally in Anchorage!

September 28, 2008

Over 1,000 Alaskans gathered in Anchorage to protest the McCain campaign hijacking of Sarah Palin’s abuse of power investigation!  Here’s the link to the Anchorage Daily News Article on the protest!

The Alaskan Accent

September 28, 2008

Everyone agrees – Tina Fey nails Governor Palin’s accent.  But the real funny thing is no one in Alaska talks like Sarah Palin!  In fact, Alaskans in my opinion are curiously without an accent.  Sarah Palin has developed her very own, unique, red-neck meets Fargo North Dakota accent.  I swear, no one in Alaska talks like that!  Sure, you run into the occasional Alaskan who (like some southerners) never speaks in the past tense, but overall Alaskans have pretty good grammar, and have a neutral, flat speaking voice.  Palin’s propensity for poor grammar and talking like a hick isn’t regional but just a reflection on her ignorance and lack of education.

Alaska screws over Army and Air Force families

September 23, 2008

I just read that Army and Air Force families that live and work in Alaska are excluded from the resource rebate which is alloted to Alaskan residents to help offset the high cost of gas and fuel in the state.  Palin likes to talk on the road about the $1,200 she is giving Alaskans to help pay for outrageous fuel costs here.  Too bad she is screwing over the military families who live in Alaska by excluding them from the rebate.  Way to “lead” the military Palin! 

Only residents who qualify for and file for their permanent dividend fund (yearly oil bribe) are allowed to receive the resource rebate.  Since military families in Alaska do not file for the PDF they are automatically excluded from the resource rebate even though they live in Alaska and pay the same high fuel costs as everyone else.

Lots of local chatter will also tell you that $1,200 doesn’t go very far when you pay $9/gallon in bush communities for gas.  Propane which many Alaskans use to heat their houses is also outrageously expensive.  Click here to read Alaskan military families discuss being excluded from state benefits.

Alaska has the highest rape rate – update…

September 23, 2008

I found a reference in The Anchorage Daily News, stating that “Alaska has the Nation’s highest per-capita rate of forcible rape”.  Click here for the full article.  Alaska’s rape rate is 2.5 times higher than the national average.  The state that hunts the most rapes the most, not surprising.