Cook Inlet Beluga Whales listed as endangered species!

A victory for whales!  The Cook Inlet Beluga whale, genetically distinct from other belugas, has been placed on the endangered species list.  Sarah Palin – and most Alaskan politicians have opposed the listing because it could place restrictions on big business development that pollute the Cook Inlet ecosystem.  Sarah Palin has actively opposed the listing, calling it “premature”.

The Cook Inlet Beluga whales used to populate Kachemak Bay where I live.  Belugas used to feast for salmon on the fox river, which feeds into the far end of Kachemak Bay, even swimming up into the fresh waters to feed.  The belugas haven’t been seen in Kachemak Bay for years.  This is the first step in what will hopefully be a comeback for the Cook Inlet’s white whale.


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