Report released – Palin abused her power as governor

The McCain campaign failed to delay the release of findings into Palin’s abuse of power case.  The report was released this evening, and you can read the NY Times article about it herePalin was found to have violated the “Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act” by advocating that her sister’s former husband, a state trooper, be fired.  Palin’s husband, Todd Palin, was found to be intergrally involved in this unethical behavior.

The Alaska legislative council – comprised of ten republicans and 4 democrats– voted unanimously to release the findings of the report.  Alaskans don’t like being told what to do from outsiders, and it prevented McCain from hijacking the truth about Sarah Palin – that she abused her power for personal, vindictive reasons.

Time magazine has written a very good article titled “What the Troopergate report really says”.  Their conclusion – that the Palin administration is “shockingly amateurish”


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