Alaskans Love Guns, part 2

Welcome to Alaska, there’s a sale on “youth rifles”!  Nothing like killing animals to help with childhood development, it really gets ’em primed for date rape once they hit puberty.  I snapped a few pictures around town because I’ve gotten several emails from Alaskans telling me that they have lived here for 20+ years and NEVER seen anything like what I’ve written about on this blog.  Hmm, maybe these folks were born without, say, eyes? 

I didn’t have to go further than my local drug store to get pictures of piles of guns that would make David Koresh drool, or to see a dead animal head mounted on a wall.  Just today I wandered into a local brewery for the first time and was greeted at the door by a stuffed grizzly, murdered and forced to spend eternity wearing a macrame beret with a dusty bouquet of dried roses jammed in his mouth. 


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