Alaska screws over Army and Air Force families

I just read that Army and Air Force families that live and work in Alaska are excluded from the resource rebate which is alloted to Alaskan residents to help offset the high cost of gas and fuel in the state.  Palin likes to talk on the road about the $1,200 she is giving Alaskans to help pay for outrageous fuel costs here.  Too bad she is screwing over the military families who live in Alaska by excluding them from the rebate.  Way to “lead” the military Palin! 

Only residents who qualify for and file for their permanent dividend fund (yearly oil bribe) are allowed to receive the resource rebate.  Since military families in Alaska do not file for the PDF they are automatically excluded from the resource rebate even though they live in Alaska and pay the same high fuel costs as everyone else.

Lots of local chatter will also tell you that $1,200 doesn’t go very far when you pay $9/gallon in bush communities for gas.  Propane which many Alaskans use to heat their houses is also outrageously expensive.  Click here to read Alaskan military families discuss being excluded from state benefits.


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