High Tide

Ever since Palin joined the McCain ticket it has been raining here on the Kenai Peninsula.  As if Alaska was in mourning, it has been nothing but doom and gloom – about the same as my mood as I contemplate Palin’s destruction going National.  But just as I finished pulling out my last strand of hair with visions of extinction swirling through my head – the sun broke through.  What a relief! 

Although I’m still afraid of the masses who find ignorance endearing, it seems that word is getting out about Sarah P. and that people are pretty horrified.  I mean come on, could there be any graver an example of BLAME THE VICTIM than charging a raped woman $1,200 for the swabs and speculums used to collect her forensic evidence?  Way to run a town Sarah!  Barbarians for Palin! But I digress…

So the sun is finally shining, and it’s a super high, high-tide, and I’ve been out enjoying the non human Alaska.  The crashing waves of this highest of high tides comes lapping right up to a park bench I visit, and I’ve been sitting in the sun watching otters floating by on the crest of waves.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  There’s a silver salmon run on a nearby river, and the beach becomes a corridor for animals feasting on fish.  I’ve been watching harbor seals with their fat, round, black eyes pop up and spy on me (the most curious of all marine mammals – they never pass up a chance to watch what you’re doing on land).  Sea otter after sea otter floats gently by.  I even saw a sea lion (rare around here), with her huge, black nose which reminds me of a bear, bursting through the water’s surface for swift sniffs.  And of course, the ubiquitous bald eagles soaring above, being chased down and bullied by a gang of frisky ravens.  The gulls rule the shore, however, packed on every inch of sand with their dusty grey babies learning what life has in store.  There’s so much life here, the energy just bursts at the seams. 

And as I sit staring into waves under the three hour sunsets that make this state so special, I’m also reminded of how much has been lost.  Because when you live where there still is abundance – abundance of life from the tiniest scallop to a humpback whale, you can’t help but realize how much has been lost everywhere else.  This is it folks.  Alaska is all that’s left.  It’s the last intact ecosystem in our country.  But it won’t be for long with Drill Baby Drill at the helm.  And if this psycho goes global – I can’t even imagine that.  It’s why I’ve been in a wretched funk for the past few weeks, and why I’m avoiding the computer and looking into the sun.  But I’ll be back soon with lots of grody pictures from THE LAST FRONTIER…


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