Alaskans love them some fur

You will be hard pressed to find a shop in Alaska that doesn’t sell fur like wolf pelts, fox tails and bear skin rugs.  Fur can be purchased nearly everywhere – from gift shops to gas stations.  Stacks of wolf pelts as tall as my waist sit on the floor of nearly every tourist gift shop. 


Animal parts such as walrus ivory, moose antlers, whale bones, bear claws, sheep horns and of course fur are used to make most “Alaskan art” and souvenirs.  I even saw a fur jock strap hanging in a store window in Sitka, Alaska.  It was really depressing walking around Sitka, everywhere I turned there were fur stores, every lobby had a stuffed dead animal, and I even looked up and saw two polar bear hides drying on someone’s balcony.  Most Alaskans wear some sort of fur, and fur stores are located in nearly every Alaskan town, especially where cruise ships dock. 


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