ALaskan Women Reject Palin!!!

1,500 people protested Sarah Palin in Anchorage yesterday!  This is huge for Alaska, one of the largest protests ever.  Read the USA Today article about the rally.

Rally organizers received threatening voice mail messages after an Anchorage hate radio talk show host said their phone number on air.  The radio host called the organizers of the peaceful protest rally “socialist maggots”.  It is really disturbing how violent Palin supporters are being in support of their gun carrying candidate.  We have gotten so much violent hate email that we are not putting our phone number on press releases – which is how the radio host got the organizer’s phone #s.

*Photo credit: (granted permision to everyone to “spread these photos around”)


2 Responses to “ALaskan Women Reject Palin!!!”

  1. earthling3 Says:

    Jessica, thank you for starting this site this month. I also want to thank you for – for all the photos and journals, and for your page on Sarah Palin, which I have sent out to many people as “Ammo for animal lovers.” The photo of her parents’ living room is very revealing! I also love the story on Whisper, the white wolf. Having lived in wilderness and had many experiences with wild animals, it really warmed my heart.

    So now you are exposing Alaskans for their 19th century consciousness and values, and their smelly, filthy habits: dumpster diving, not bathing, drunkenness, predatory attitudes towards Mother Nature. Wow, this is quite an eye-opener. It is the portrayal of a culture that is retrograde, degenerating, certainly not in touch with the ecological crises converging on humanity as a whole. This site blows away all the romantic fantasies about living in Alaska, that’s for sure. Classifying Alaska as a different culture than the US seems quite apt.

    Thanks for your work to tell the truth, Jessica!

  2. truthnow Says:

    Sarah Palin is NOT qualified.(period) When she was mayor.. did you know that she did not even have to oversee the school district OR the fire department? these are two factors that most mayors deal with and usually two of THE most important and challenging factors. The President of the USA is charged with a much bigger job than overseeing the USA. The President of this country needs to have the diplomacy to handle the events and topics of EVERY single country, nation, society and human on this planet. The President of the USA needs to understand the world as a whole, not just the USA and its components. I have heard a lot of people say … she resonates with me, she gets it ” she is just like us”… well frankly… I do not want someone just like us.. I want a leader, someone who is EXTRA-ordinary- who is a citizen of this planet not just a citizen of their own comfort zone. Sarah Palin thinks dinosaurs were on the earth 4000 years ago- and I would bet my LIFE if you asked her POINT blank on the spot… WHERE Darfur is, she would have no idea where it is–furthermore… any idea what is happening there–and to my point.. NO idea what to do about it. and yes .. I say all this about HER because as far as I am concerned McCain already died, he is just filled with formaldehyde with a computer chip running his mouth- because he just keeps saying the same thing over and over and over again – frankly he can take his “straight talk” and shove it straight up his kiester.

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