Alaska has the highest rape rate in the nation

Back when Palin was mayor of Wasilla, women who had been raped in Wasilla were charged for the forensic evidence kit used to gather DNA evidence.  Read the Boston Herald article about the practice of charging Wasilla rape victims for their rape kits.  A USA Today article on the subject notes that Alaska had the highest incidence of rape in the nation in the year 2000.  I’ll try and find more recent stats on that, but it does not surprise me.  When you grow up killing and torturing animals for pleasure, it’s not a far leap to start harming women for pleasure.  Trophy hunting teaches people to objectify living beings and to inflict violence for pleasure.  Violence against women is the logical next step for people who get off on violence.

*update – I saw on MSNBC that Alaska presently has the highest incidence of rape and incest in the country, I’ll look for a link on that soon….


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