Guns, guns and more guns

There’s no doubt about it, Alaska is a gun culture. Although I’ve heard rumors of an Alaskan family living in Anchorage who doesn’t hunt, I’ve yet to meet an Alaskan who doesn’t own a gun.  Most Alaskans own piles of firearms, and wildlife is conveniently used as an excuse to carry a gun at any and every opportunity.  You will be hard pressed to find an Alaskan street sign that isn’t riddled with bullet holes.  On most Alaskan country roads you will find piles of beer bottles surrounded by empty shot gun shells –Alaskans really love to combine partying with shooting off their guns. 

In Alaska you can even legally walk onto a stranger’s driveway and shoot an animal– it’s up to private citizens to post no hunting signs every few feet because that’s the only way you can prevent strangers from shooting guns on your land.  Even the people I would define as liberal in Alaska own at least one shot gun “for protection”.  My meditation teacher has a gun case in her living room – which pretty much sums up the ubiquity of guns in Alaska.  No wonder Alaska has the seventh highest violent crime rate in America.



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