Every street sign in Alaska has bullet holes

We drove towards Anchorage for over two hours last week on the highway and I kid you not, every single sign had at least a couple bullet holes.  The stop sign in my old neighborhood was pretty much illegible because there were so many bullet holes in it.  I stopped and took a picture of the Chugach Forest sign full of bullet holes and shot gun pellets- pretty much symbolizes the Alaskan reverence for the great outdoors. 


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One Response to “Every street sign in Alaska has bullet holes”

  1. drjfm Says:

    The state should have a lightly painted outline of the sign’s message and the residents can form the letters with bullet holes for the final sign — a win-win. State saves on paint, residents feel like real contributors to highway safety.

    For real important signs, they could put a well armored light behind the sign and illuminate the holes for high visibility…..

    Yand maybe, just maybe there were wolves hiding behind those signs…

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