Dead animals – an Alaskan’s best friend

Could Sarah Palin’s parents (above) cram any more dead animals on that wall?  Is that a stuffed white dove or a chicken in the left hand corner?  I think this is perhaps the tackiest jumbledy gook of animal carnage + home decorating that I’ve ever seen.  This is why people with ADHD should not own guns!!


This is a great photo however to show how much Alaskans love them some dead animals.  They are the defining feature of Alaskan décor and no Alaskan home or business is complete without lots and lots of dead animals.  The moment you step off a plane to Alaska you will be greeted by hundreds of dead animals.  I’m surprised Alaskan trappers don’t hang out in airports draping fox tails around tourist’s necks like they do with leis in Hawaii.  Often dead animals are accompanied by plaques identifying where and how the animal was “taken” (you gotta love how rape verbiage is used to describe hunting animals).  I found it ironic that the Juneau airport has a pro-life billboard hanging in the middle of walls and walls of dead animal heads.


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