Welcome to the last frontier

I snapped this picture just down the road from “Uncle Tom’s Tavern” in Chitina, Alaska.  No, I’m not kidding – the local bar was really named Uncle Tom’s Tavern.  Cute, huh?  Some how this photo seemed a fitting beginning to Alaskan Exposure – the Chevy 4×4, the ATV, the confederate flag, the trailer.  It pretty much looks like your average Alaskan’s home sweet home. 

I’m starting this blog to teach the American voters the truth about Alaska.  Because you see, things are pretty creepy up here in the arctic, and it sure as hell isn’t like anywhere else I’ve lived in the lower 48 (that’s what Alaskans call the rest of the country). 

I’m sure you have lots of bucolic images in your head of Alaska from watching Northern Exposure, or Men in Trees.  But after living in Alaska, I have to say it actually reminds me most of The Accused – you know, that 90’s movie where Jodie Foster gets gang raped on a pool table. 

Huh?  Aren’t there moose strolling down Main street, and quirky Eskimos, and smiling huskies, and lots of good, old fashioned small town folk?  Well, yeah, there are.  But what they don’t show you on TV is that the moose on Main street gets shot and his head is hung up on a wall.  That, and a whole lot more.

I’m going to try and post at least once a day until the election.  Please stay tuned, and do your best to learn what it really means to put a lifetime Alaskan in the White House.  I’m not going to talk much directly about Sarah Palin on this blog because I write about her on my website.  But it must be mentioned that hard as it is to imagine, Sarah Palin is actually worse than George W. Bush.


PS : To learn more about Alaskan wildlife and Sarah Palin visit my website at: http://www.grizzlybay.org/SarahPalinInfoPage.htm

You can email me at savegrizzlies@yahoo.com


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