Voting in Alaska

November 4, 2008

I just voted in Alaska, and who was looking over my shoulder as I cast my vote for Obama?  A dead polar bear hanging on the wall behind my voting booth.  The slaughtered endangered species was flanked by an entire wall of mountain goat heads.  Typical Alaska.  At least there weren’t any lines!  GO OBAMA!


Palin pranked by Montreal radio station

November 2, 2008

This is priceless.  A Montreal comedy duo spoke to Palin on the phonepretending to be French President Sarkosy.  I particularly love how they egg her on about hunting from helicopters and “taking life” for fun.  She of course invites the President to go hunting with her.  She also thanks him when he praises the porn film “Nailin’ Palin” – she’s so stupid!  Listen to the audioclip of the Palin prank by clicking here.

My responce to political bear cub murder

October 21, 2008

With the Palin VP announcement in late August the inbox of our website on Sarah Palin ( was barraged with hate mail from her supporters.  Particularly troubling was the overall violent tone of most Palin supporter’s letters, many of them threatening to inflict grotesque acts of violence upon us, “liberals”, “tree huggers”, “socialist maggots” and my particular favorite – “markists” (yes, that is how she spelled it). 


The similarity of tone and metaphor of the hate mails was uncanny.  They were often infused with violent threats against bears and wildlife and often used the same violent metaphors.  Threatening to “barbecue bears”, “eat bear steaks”, “shoot bears”, and “hang bears” up on their walls, Palin supporters were particularly virulent about describing the infliction of violence upon an animal that our website supports.  It is not insignificant that the implication of these emails was that liberals and “demorats” should be barbecued right alongside the bears.  As one Palin supporter wrote, “Too bad you dumb fucks can’t be hunted from the air…now that would be sport”.


Since Palin has a pathological hatred of bears (and all wildlife), threatening to kill them became a common way for Palin supporters to express their support for her when writing to us – the authors of a website that comes up on the first page of a google search on “Sarah Palin”.  We have gotten over 600,000 hits to our website in less than two months – which translates into lots of Palin supporters seeing the bear as a symbol of Palin opponents – or Obama supporters. 


Now these threats have become real and literal – a bear cub in NC was shot in the head, draped in Obama signs, and thrown onto the steps of Western Carolina University.  This signals many dangerous things:  Verbal threats against Democrats and Obama have now translated into real violence and death.  Palin supporters are willing to break the law to express their support (killing bear cubs is illegal).  Since serial killers and sociopaths torture and kill animals as a warm up for torturing and killing humans, this is a very real sign that violence towards Obama and his supporters is escalating. 


People anonymously wrote us threatening to kill bears in September.  Five weeks later a baby bear is shot in the head.  People are shouting in public at McCain rallies, “off with his head”, “kill him”, “treason”, “terrorist” and “bomb Obama” and my question to the American public is what is going to happen to Obama five weeks from now?


Palin has become the mouth piece for fueling and fanning violence infused sentiments towards Obama at her public rallies.  While McCain gives minimal lip service condemning the threats at his rallies – it is his campaign orchestrating this very escalation of public violence and mob infused hatred.  Everyone and anyone has a responsibility to condemn this behavior and to make it stop.  Palin must be held accountable for the violence she is stirring up, and the death threats she refuses to condemn as they are happening in front of her. 


As Obama’s support continues to grow it becomes apparent that the majority of Americans do not support this kind of hatred and violence.  Every political leader and individual needs to take a stand to stop this race infused hatred and violence before it is too late. 

Dead bear covered with Obama signs found at school

October 21, 2008

CULLOWHEE, N.C. (AP) — Police at Western Carolina University and wildlife officials were investigating the discovery early Monday of a dead bear cub draped with a pair of Barack Obama campaign signs.

Leila Tvedt, associate vice chancellor for public relations, said Monday night that maintenance workers found the 75-pound bear cub shot to death in front of the school’s administration building at the entrance to campus. The Obama yard signs were stapled together and placed over the bear’s head, Tvedt said.

The bear had been shot in the head, Tvedt said.

“Western Carolina University deplores the inappropriate behavior that has led to this troubling incident,” Tvedt said. “We cannot speculate on the motives of the people involved nor who those people might be. Campus police are cooperating fully with authorities to investigate this matter.”

University police called in state Wildlife Resources officials to remove the body and help in the investigation.

Bear season is under way in western North Carolina.

Todd Palin, talkin’ bout our country’s core values

October 19, 2008

Todd Palin spoke to Pennsylvania hunters sportsmen at a gun club on Oct. 19th.  He told the gun lovers that it is important to vote for a ticket that “supports our core values — hunting and fishing.”  This is what I’ve been talking about – in Alaska, hunting is a core value that defines identity, and now apparently patriotism and being a “real” American.  Forget Democracy, forget freedom, forget liberty, fuck the land of opportunity or the separation of church from state, or freedom of speach – no, hunting and fishing are the core values of our country. 

God bless our constitutional right to shoot wolves for fun!  Our founding fathers built this fine country on the need to stock our homes with fresh game meat.  And we better start rootin’ out those Markist* bastard socialist maggots before they threaten the foundation of this nation – salmon fillets.  Thanks Todd, for the enlightening commentary.

* one of my hate e-mails really got me laughing.  The Sarah Palin supporter called me a tree hugging “markist”.

Cook Inlet Beluga Whales listed as endangered species!

October 18, 2008

A victory for whales!  The Cook Inlet Beluga whale, genetically distinct from other belugas, has been placed on the endangered species list.  Sarah Palin – and most Alaskan politicians have opposed the listing because it could place restrictions on big business development that pollute the Cook Inlet ecosystem.  Sarah Palin has actively opposed the listing, calling it “premature”.

The Cook Inlet Beluga whales used to populate Kachemak Bay where I live.  Belugas used to feast for salmon on the fox river, which feeds into the far end of Kachemak Bay, even swimming up into the fresh waters to feed.  The belugas haven’t been seen in Kachemak Bay for years.  This is the first step in what will hopefully be a comeback for the Cook Inlet’s white whale.

Palin lies with ease and conviction about abuse of power investigation

October 17, 2008

As I reported earlier, the Alaska legislature last week released their report that stated Sarah Palin violated the state’s Ethics Act by trying to get her sister’s ex-husband fired. 

Alaska reporters spoke with Palin via phone about the findings, and Sarah Palin lied repeatedly about the findings of the report.  Here is what she had to say to one reporter: “Well, I’m very, very pleased to be cleared of any legal wrongdoing … any hint of any kind of unethical activity there.” 

More recently, Palin has appeared on television repeating the same lies.  She looks straight into the camera and says the report cleared her of any unethical behavior.  But, the report concluded that she did in fact violate the state’s ethics act, and acted unethically.  Apparently in Sarah Palin’s world, if you state the opposite of the truth, perhaps the truth will become untruth. 

It is very pertinent to note in a politician their willingness and ability to lie to the public.  I’m surprised this isn’t getting more coverage in the news, because it is one of the scariest things about Sarah Palin.  She flat out lies repeatedly about her unethical behavior- unethical behavior that was proven to violate state ethics laws by a majority Republican legislature.  Click here to read more about Palin’s interview with Alaskan reporters where she lies about the abuse of power report, and read the original Anchorage Daily News story titled “Investigator: Palin abused power” here.

Debate Highlight

October 16, 2008


I present to you….The President and his crazed toad.

Truth about voter fraud

October 16, 2008

Get the facts about voter fraud and Acorn by checking out the following links.  Every voter needs to rent the documentary film “Hacking Democracy” to learn how easy it is to rig elections using Diebold’s voting machines and paper ballot counting machines.  This movie demonstrates how election results can be rigged using a hidden computer code located on Dieblod’s memory cards used in all their machines.  The GOP, not Obama, have been involved in voter fraud for the past two elections.

1. “States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal,” New York Times, October 8, 2008
“Check-off box delays thousands of voter registrations,” Denver Post, October 14, 2008

2. “ACORN defends efforts amid voter-fraud allegations,” Associated Press, October 14, 2008

3. “In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud,” New York Times, April 12, 2007
“The Truth About Fraud,” Brennan Center for Justice

4. “The Truth About ACORN’s Voter Registration Drives,” ACORN

“Group Answers Charges of Voter Registration Fraud,” New York Times, October 14, 2008

5. “Voter Group Admits Mistakes, Defends Work,” ABC News, October 14, 2008

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6. “‘Fraud’ vs. ‘Suppression’,” Politico, October 14, 2008
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“Democrats fear GOP will turn away foreclosed voters; GOP won’t rule out using residency change to challenge a ballot,” Indianapolis Star, October 3, 2008

“Vote-scam fliers target black neighborhoods,” Philadelphia Daily News, October 2, 2008

Hockey fans boo the “hockey mom”

October 11, 2008

This is priceless.  Palin went on the ice in Philadelphia to start the Flyer’s NHL season, and the crowd boo’d her for several minutes straight!  Read the CNN piece on the crowd booing Palin by clicking here.